The Unknown Cloud

An interactive web application as part of a transmedia art project. Made in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

A chatbot was developed with, and an interactive 3D map was developed in the open source map application



Check out the chatbot AI

A dictaphone application for recording messages from users was also developed. Try it for yourself.
audio recorder

The prototype below was developed before final version: Made with Leaflet map and the map renderer Tangram:


Unknown Cloud uses a smartphone app to create an interaction between a person’s immediate environment, their physical movements, the rotation of the earth and the relative positions of celestial bodies in the solar system. Participants will physically experience the movement of earth through space: something that is happening around us all the time, but is never normally experienced. Unknown Cloud is a multi-sensory immersive artwork that combines narrative, audio instruction, choreography and 3D sound. It will involve large audiences in an interplay between physical and virtual space, traditional and social media.

Check out the swedish artists behind the project: